Brainfreeze makes then breaks the ice!




Real Name: Kelvin Zero
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 190 lbs.
Location: Megalopolis
Affiliation: Plus-Men

Kelvin always knew he was cool. He paid his way through college winning ice cream eating contests when he discovered no amount of the frosty dessert could give him a headache.

His bachelor’s degree in Atmology proved useless in the economic downturn, forcing Kelvin to turn to graveyard shifts at the Box-Tech factory. Kelvin made friends fast by offering temple massages to his co-workers which left them so cool and refreshed that they nicknamed him Brainfreeze!

Kelvin’s icicle-sharp Box-Tech skills earned him the approval of mild-mannered Box-Tech HR rep Farah N. Heit, taking pride in using his chill wit to turn her smouldering frown upside-down. Finally, everything was coming up Zero!

One fateful evening, as Kelvin volunteered to stay late at the factory to perform the monthly box-flap quality check, Kelvin noticed thick black smoke billowing into the main assembly room. Box-Tech was on fire, and the flames were pouring out of Farah’s office!

Instinct took over and an intense cold blast radiated from Kelvin’s svelte physique, blanketing the inferno in an impenetrable layer of fresh snow. He rushed over to Farah; she was unconscious and overheated, but breathing. That’s when it hit him like an avalanche; Kelvin could put this on his resume!

Kelvin rushed outside and flagged a cab, insisting on being driven to the nearest sporting equipment store to source a form-fitting yet fashion-forward outfit for his newfound alter-ego before calling a news crew to cover his triumph, which would surely get him an interview with a high-paying hero team with dental and matching retirement contributions!

Alas, it was too late to change his alias to something cooler; Kelvin had already paid for overnight delivery on his “Brainfreeze: Heroes Never Lose” business cards…

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  1. Salim says:

    Cool character! Ahah, get it?
    But seriously, nice backstory; Iceman ain’t got nothing on him!

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