Making of: Boxtech Rooftop Stage

Since the Making of: Bank of Megalopolis Stage post was so popular, I thought it would be cool to show you all the awesome work Stephane Boutin did on the Boxtech Rootfop background stage!

For this stage, we wanted to show a Megalopolis from a different point of view, so why not a proverbial bird’s eye?


Stephane nailed it on the first sketch. Every element was just what we wanted and just where we wanted it! All that was left to do was clean it up a little.


The grayed-out stage is complete! Stephane then added color…


And just like that the scene comes alive!


For the perceptive, there are 4 characters in the background (not counting the audience to the fight). Stay tuned to find out who they are and how they play into all of this…

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed this second heroic portrayal of an artist’s endeavors!

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