Firestarter Makes a Fiery Entrance!



Real Name: Farah N. Heit
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 130 lbs.
Location: Megalopolis
Affiliation: Freak Fraternity

Farah N. Heit’s stressful HR job at Box-Tech brought her closer to the edge with every pink slip her surly boss demanded she distribute. Her only saving grace was her daily 2:15pm chit-chat at the water cooler with new hire Kelvin Zero; whose chill wit had a way of calming her fuming frustration.

When her boss demanded that mild-mannered Farah fire Kelvin before his probation period ends so the company can save on benefits, her stress-soaked spark of rage engulfed her in furious flames, burning up the last of her sanity and setting Box-Tech ablaze in a maniacal act of resignation…

A chilly blast of unnatural cold from an icy figure shrouded in snow snuffed out Farah and her raging wildfire, knocking her unconscious from the shock.

When she awoke, Farah discovered herself within the padded walls of an Insane Asylum, bound in a flame-retardant straightjacket with a full head of flaming red hair. She quickly torched her padded prison to ashes, setting out to reignite her spark with her flame Kelvin, and to seek revenge on whoever froze her Box-Tech inferno…

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