… and it’s all thanks to you!

I had all of these plans to post encouraging updates for reaching 10%, 20%, 30% and so on of the goal, and you guys go and get us to an impressive 69% (6235$ as I write this) before the first day is even done! The good news that this means we’ll reach our goal much sooner than expected, the bad news is that I now have to come up with a lot more updates 😉


Before I go on, I just want to make it clear that I love every single one of you! Today’s results were better than my wildest expectations!

We still need your help!

However, the battle is still not won! If you know anyone who loves puzzle games and/or super heroes, ff you have a blog/website/youtube channel or know someone who does, if you know any member of the press, please let them know about us!

We have exciting stretch goals planned for you, but first we still need to clinch that9000$ goal! If you have any questions about the project or the characters or even about us, please don’t be afraid to flood our comments section!

Once again, thank you for everything, and remember: Heroes Never Lose!

In case you can’t find it, the kickstarter is this way:

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