HNLPPPP Coming to Steam and Wii U!

Hello fellow heroes!

I know that we just had an update yesterday, but we just got two very exciting pieces of news that we just had to share with you! Don’t read the title of this update because that’ll give it all away and ruin the fun. Trust us, this is worth it!

First thing’s first…

Heroes Never Lose has just partnered up with our fellow Montrealer indie friends Spearhead Games in the publishing deal of the century! Well, as far as we’re concerned.

Thanks to them, we are on our way to Steam!

What does this mean to you our fellow backers? Well it means that you can swap out your DRM-Free version(s) (Windows, Mac, or Linux) of the game from any of the reward tiers to the Steam version if you prefer!

This also means that we’ll be focusing our online to support steam, and unfortunately for a small team such as ours that means we won’t be able to offer online functionality on the DRM-Free versions. This wasn’t something we had initially planned on and we apologize for those of you who were hoping to play online DRM-Free. If you have any questions concerning this please don’t be shy.

We will be updating the front page with this information as soon as I’m done writing this update.

All in all we believe this to be the right move and will ultimately make the majority of you happier!

So what else happened today?

Fresh from the meeting with Spearhead, we received a call from Nintendo of America! No, not a personification of the incorporation, but a nice gentleman called Richard who told us that he loved what he saw and that by the powers vested in him by Shigeru Miyamoto himself, he was remotely knighting us into licensed Wii U developers!

When we regained consciousness we hurried to our trusted Kickstarter terminals to broadcast the happy news! Shortly after sending this message I will be removing the Wii U from its stretch goal and adding the Wii U logo to our main project image!

Same as with the steam codes, all backers will be able to choose to have a Wii U or Steam or a DRM-Free (local only) Windows/Mac/Linux versions of the game! For the tiers that include multiple copies, any combination of versions will work! We’ll send out a survey when the time comes to ask you what version(s) you want!

So that’s it for tonight! Please spread the news far and wide! And always remember: Heroes Never Lose!

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