HNLPPPP in Brazil!

Next up we have some pictures from an Independent Video Game Developer’s meet-up in Brasilia Brazil where our resident character designer Hugo Dourado was showing off HNLPPPP!


Alright, you got us, that really is a papercraft Gnat-Man on display at the event. Sorry, you can’t have one…

… just kidding, make as many as you want!

Simply click on the above image to get the higher-resolution version, print it, cut it, and … well I’m not quite sure how to make one but you’ll probably figure it out yourselves.

There’s more?

You’re darned right there is! While we’re at it, how about some avatars so that you can show off your Heroes Never Lose love on Kickstarter and beyond!

You can right click one of the images of your favorite heroes and villains above, “Save As” on your computer, and set your avatar on Kickstarter or any other site that you visit!

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