5 Days Left + Glam on the Roster + Gun Nut’s Animations + Re-Shout-Outs!

Hello fellow heroes!

The HNL team and I are busy prepping for the last 5 days of the campaign. We’ve already accomplished so much thanks to you, but we still need your help! If you are active on any video game or comic book related groups or forums, please consider spreading the word! And if you already have, we cannot thank you enough!

Glam on the Roster

Glam, the Pink Avenger is now nearly going to be a reality as we’re sitting at just over 70% of the stretch goal with 5 days remaining. We’re optimistic that this means we’ll reach our 12k goal! And who knows, maybe we can make it to some fun game mode stretches as well!

Gun Nut’s Animations

Megalopolis’ nutty bounty hunter, Gun Nut, is on the prowl for vigilantes and villains alike, and now he’s ready to be integrated into the game! Feast your eyes and these lovely animations by Tyriq Plummer of Catacomb Kids‘ fame!

If you haven’t back yet, please consider doing so at our Kickstarter page! Time is of the essence!

That’s if for now! Heroes Never Lose!

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