48 Hours To Go + Character Creation Contest Winners!

Hello fellow heroes!

We are in need of your help! Normally Kickstarter campaigns get a boost the last 3 days but yesterday was pretty normal in terms of pledges. We’re now entering the final 48 hours and the speed is not picking up.

We’re grateful for all your support so far and are really happy that because of you we are funded, we are coming out on many platforms, and we’re very close to getting Glam in the game! However, we’re still hoping to make Heroes Never Lose: Professor Puzzler’s Perplexing Ploy the best game it can be, and for that we really need your help to get the word out!

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Character Creation Contest Winners!

The deadline for the Heroes Never Lose: Character Creation Contest has come and gone and we’ve received an avalanche of submissions! Seriously, any one of your creations could have joined the ranks of the Heroes and Villains of Megalopolis. Alas, winners must be declared.

After much deliberation, the Heroes Never Lose team is proud to present the winners of the Character Creation Contest! (In no particular order)

Art Submission Category

Slotter by Brent J. Crockett from Longmont, Colorado, United States

Huge Ass Red Riding Hood by Jean-Philippe Perreault from Montreal, Canada

Beat Boxer by Felipe Augusto Silveira de Carvalho from Brasilia, Brazil

They will all have their works displayed in the official HNLPPPP Art book and in the in-game art gallery! They will also receive a care-package of HNL-Related goodies(the boxed DVD set of the game, the sound track, the art book, the T-Shirt, etc…)

Runners up:

Rokm-Sokm V1 A.K.A. Punchclock A.K.A. Fisto by Andrew Goudreau

The Toothfairy by David Allard

Character Creation Category

Flying Saucer by James-Lachlan McCallum from Springfield Gardens, New York, United States

“…The Flying Saucer. His costume is styled around red and yellow, the colours of ketchup and mustard. He wears a mask-helmet thing which covers his eyes and most of his head. He also has a large bottle of ketchup on his back! I didn’t draw it because at the angle I drew him at you wouldn’t be able to see it, but I promise you it is there! On his chest is his insignia which reads “FS” for Flying Saucer, and on his waist is his utility belt packed with all kinds of sauces. Yet again, my drawing is a bit shabby!

The Flying Saucer uses sauces such as ketchup, mustard, brown sauce and hot sauce to defeat his enemies! He can fly using his ketchup jet-pack. He shoots sauces at his enemies by squeezing his bottles of sauces. Just watch out for the hot sauce!

His bio: By day, Tommy Basco works at his fast food restaurant, Tommy’s Tacos. By night, he becomes The Flying Saucer! He uses a variety of sauces, from ketchup to hot sauce to fight his criminal foes. When he’s not making fajitas or spreading mustard on his enemies, The Flying Saucer is probably fooling around on his ketchup jet-pack.”

Slice and Dice by Brandon Morris from Boulder, Colorado, United States

Zeptar by Zoe Pickering from Montreal, Canada

They will all have their characters (or their character’s foot) drawn in the Heroes Never Lose style and given an official bio in the same style as the other HNL characters. They will be displayed alongside our characters in-game in the “Denizens of Megalopolis” section as well as in the official instruction manual! They will also receive a care-package of HNL-Related goodies (the boxed DVD set of the game, the sound track, the art book, the T-Shirt, etc…)

Runners up:

Read Menace by Nick Kornek

Xander the Pandamancer by Clifford Tull

That’s it for now! Please remember to tweet about us and post on facebook and anywhere else you think it would help! Thank you!

Heroes Never Lose

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