Oh no! What have you all done? Why didn’t you stop and consider the consequences? You have all unleashed Professor Puzzler to an unprepared world!

Thank you all for Kickstarting HNLPPPP and for providing so much support for our team in so many different ways! It’s been a fun ride and we honestly couldn’t be happier! We love all of you very much and will make it up to you by making the best darned game we can!

Prepare yourselves for lots of awesome announcements in the coming months as we update you on our progress! And since we couldn’t have done this without you, it’s only fitting that you help shape the game that you helped make a reality! How will this take shape and what does it mean exactly? Time will tell but stay tuned!

That’s it for now, we’re going to take it easy for a couple of days and recoup. Expect to hear back from us early next week! Oh, and always remember: Heroes Never Lose!

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