Progress Update # 1

Hello fellow heroes!

It’s been a while since last we spoke and we have some exciting updates to share with you! So let’s get started.


New Team Member

First and foremost, we would like to officially welcome Vincent Kochanowski to the Heroes Never Lose family! Vince will be taking on much of the coding tasks while Franco tirelessly toils away at the online component! We’re happy to have him and are already feeling his contributions on the project! Which brings us to our next point:


Announcer VO Integration

Vincent‘s first task was to integrate Alexandra‘s announcer voice work into the game! We can now hear her announce the starts and ends of rounds as well as cheer on players who perform extravagant moves! Spudge Muffin also did a pass to make the VO’s themselves sound awesome!

You can hear the WIP below, with a funny little bug thrown in at the end! Before you ask, yes that bug has sadly since been resolved…

First Character Profile

Hugo has been hard at work and one of his many recent efforts has been the fulfillment of the “character profile” rewards! First up we have the Armbar:

The above is the result of Hugo‘s awesome design + drafts, Phil‘s polished finish, and Morgan‘s captivating character biography!

If you haven’t submitted your character yet, we hope seeing Hytham’s finished profile will motivate and inspire you to submit yours!


Pronto’s Character Animations

Francis has been hard at work on Pronto (the super-fast Pizza delivery guy) and the results so far are a real treat! Check them out for yourself:

If you’d like to see him work on our character animations live feel free to subscribe to his Twitch channel! He’s a big friendly guy with great taste in music and he actually takes the time to answer questions and listen to feedback! Who knows, you might help shape an HNL sprite or two!


Code Optimization

Before embarking on the online functionality for HNLPPPP, Franco did an incredibly thorough pass optimizing the code of the game. Thanks to him, we can all look forward to a lag free experience that runs on a calculator! 60 frames per second block breaking action coming right up…

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for another update in the next couple of weeks and please never hesitate to ask us anything!

And always remember, Heroes Never Lose!

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