Progress Update # 2

Hello fellow heroes!

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on the progress of the project, so no time better than the present to pull back the curtains and give you a sneak peek!


Gun Nut joins the Roster!

Thanks to Vincent‘s hard work we now have our 4th fully playable character integrated and ready to bust some nuts! The nuts themselves are all placeholder art obviously and will be replaced shortly, but the gameplay is intact, even though the nuts won’t be for long.

Now that Gun Nut’s gameplay, audio, and animations are integrated, on to playable Pronto!

Second Character Profile

Once more the awesome trio of Hugo‘s pencils and design, Phil‘s polish and color , and Morgan‘s writing skills bring us a new denizen of Megalopolis!

With SuperTiso‘s powers and Tiso Spenser‘s generosity, who knows where he’ll pop-up next 😉

We have a few other character profiles in various states of completion, so don’t be surprised if the next update has more than one! Don’t forget to send us your descriptions if you haven’t done so already!


More Pronto Animations

All of Pronto’s base animations are now drafted and all that’s left is a little bit of clean-up to have him ready to be integrated! Here are a few new sketches from your favorite 2D spriter Francis:

Don’t forget that if you’d like to see him work on our character animations live you can subscribe to his Twitch channel!


Steam Integration Started

Franco now has the game preliminarily working on Steam! Though there’s still some work left, but this is a very important first step towards getting steam beta access codes!


And More…

There are a lot more things that are being done behind the scenes! We’re getting close to finishing up the 3rd stage, VO’s have been remixed and integrated, we’ve finally upgraded from Unity 3 to Unity 4, the super bar has been revamped, many bugs were squashed, and much more that I can’t even remember right now.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for another update in not too long!

Heroes Never Lose!

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