HNLPPPP on the Big Screen!

This Saturday the Heroes Never Lose team was at the Excentris Theater for the Montreal Joue Nuit Blanche event with 14 other Indie Game studios! We had the privilege of having people play our game on a gigantic movie theater screen!


We were in great company between the awesome Moon Hunters team and Frima’s Chariot! In the same row as the wonderfully bloody Z’Isle zombie hunting team!


From left to right we have Phil (Art Director), Katrina (Photographer), and Vincent (Programmer) donning our trademark orange shirts! Well Phil had his on earlier in the night and somehow lost it… don’t ask.



The theater’s main room was packed for most of the night…



… and so was the theater itself!



The pixels were bigger than my head! Glorious! Katrina took some video footage which we will share with you shortly!



We also had a display for the entire night where many people were able to play our game!


We, of course, couldn’t get enough, and so we will be back at the Excentris hall this Thursday the 5th of March for La Semaine Dont Vous Etes Le Heros! Which incredibly translates as: The Week Where You’re the Hero!



Make sure to come check us out between noon and 4:00pm! For more info:

Heroes Never Lose

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