Project Update # 3

Hello fellow heroes!

It’s that time again, so let’s get to it and show you what we’ve got!

Pronto dashes in!

Francis has been busy working on Pronto’s animations and boy has it ever paid off! We now have a fully functional 5th character! The stop-watch is placeholder-stolen-from-google-images-please-don’t-sue-us art, and he still doesn’t have a voice yet, but boy do those pizzas look tasty! Vincent was hard at work finalizing Gun Nut and Pronto’s integration and special moves and we’re already starting on the next character!

Who will it be? You’ll need to subscribe to his Francis’ Twitch channel to find out đŸ˜‰


3 More Character Profiles

Hugo, Phil, and Morgan were at it again, bringing your creations to the Heroes Never Lose world!

For those of you with profile pics, don’t forget to send us your descriptions if you haven’t done so already!

We’re online!

Thanks to Franco‘s ninja coder skills, we are now playing HNLPPPP online at lightning fast speeds! The leaderboards are up and running as well! There are just a few bugs to squash before we’re ready to distribute steam beta codes to populate it! Expect an e-mail from us in the coming weeks asking all you lovely beta access backers for your version(s) of choice, and then a follow up message with your very own code(s)!

Pronto’s Pizzeria

I was considering delaying this update for a couple more days as that’s about as much time as we needed to finish off Pronto’s Pizzera, our newest stage, but I suppose a gorgeous screenshot will have to do!

This stage is a collaboration between Hugo and our newest addition Andrew Goudreau! Please join me in welcoming Andrew and congratulating the both of them on a breathtaking and appetizing level!

The stage features many of our characters, such as Hot Chick, Unibrow, Pronto Sr. (Pronto’s dad and the original Pronto), Pronta (Pronto’s sister), Glutton, and a ticked off starving Wrath in the back. There’s even an Ashley backer-cameo thrown in for good measure!

And more…

We’ve also had many VO and SFX remasterings and improvements by Spudge Muffin, lots of profile pic and menu art polishes by Phil, more bugs squashed than an ant hill in a stampede, lots of gameplay tweaks, rebalancing and improvement, and tons more!

Holobunnies Shout Out!

Holobunnies is a really cute  carrot-infused action platformer made by friends of ours!

Holobunnies is live on Kickstarter right now and have just reached their goal and they’re barely half-way through their campaign! If you love cuteness, rabbits, or carrots, support them!

Catch us at the Montreal Independent Games Festival!

Come check us out a week from now at the Montreal Independent Games Festival where we’ll be showcasing our newest build! There will be 40 other indie games to try as well, including Holobunnies! For more info:

That’s it for now, be safe, play hard, and always remember….

Heroes Never Lose

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