Project Update #4

Hello fellow heroes!

It’s been quite a while, and we’ve missed you! So, how about a peek behind the curtains?

Professor Puzzler Punches In!

That’s the perpetrator of the ploy in the flesh! Voiced by proficient Dakota Brown! Follow him on twitter @WriterDakotaBro.

And where does the Professor operate from?

The Professor’s Lair

And with both the Professor and his stage completed, we were able to also finish the Arcade Mode gameplay loop! Now players can face off against random opponents in Arcade Mode until they reach Professor Puzzler himself!

Pronto’s Done!

Last update we showed you a nearly finished Pronto, this time we can show you what a finished Pronto looks like:

He’s voiced by the very talented Nate Smith! Follow him on twitter @NateWantsToBtl.

Pronto’s Pizzera!

Last update we teased you with a screenshot of Pronto’s Pizzeria, now you can see it in action!

There’s still a bit of clean-up needed but it’s mostly done! And the music? You can thank the newest addition to our team, the musically talented of Pete Lepley for this fine Italian tune and the Professor’s stage’s as well! The stage art was a collaboration between Andrew Goudreauand Hugo Dourado.

Another Backer Bio

Say hello to Patcop!

For those of you with profile pics, don’t forget to send us your descriptions if you haven’t done so already!

Beta Codes

We’ve just finished messaging every eligible backer with either Steam or DRM-Free codes, however many of you have not replied! Please check your Kickstarter messages and let us know your preference. If you haven’t received a message, please let me know and I’ll rectify the situation ASAP.

Montreal Commiccon 2015

Make sure to come check us out at the Montreal Comiccon! We’ll be at booth 1751 with a bunch of other Montreal Indie games companies!

 So What’s Next?

Other than the usual bug fixes and features, Francis is busy starting up on Miss Direction andAndrew is sketching out the beginning’s of our 5th stage! Check out Phil‘s redesign of Miss Direction!

That’s it for now! For all of you who now have access to the game, please let us know your feedback! We want nothing more than to make a product that’s worthy of you! Thank you again for your continued support and patronage!

Heroes Never Lose

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