Project Update #6

Hello again fellow heroes!

It’s only been a week since our last update, but we have some exciting news to share, and so here we are!

Version Update

Franco’s been hard at work fixing bugs and adding features! He’s just unrolled the following updates to the Steam version of the game:

  • Increased the multiplayer geographic range so it is easier to find online matches
  • Searches for online matches are now longer
  • Fixed a bug with the peanuts mixing in with counter blocks
  • Randomized backgrounds in all modes but Arcade
  • Adding some secret stuff

Though most of these updates are online only, there are some bug fixes (and secret stuff) that we will also update on the DRM-Free version of the game over the weekend!

Voice Actress Activated

Morgan‘s been hard at work wiring Gnat-Girl’s lines and casting the perfect voice for her, and we believe he’s struck gold!


Meet Anairis Quinones , the newest addition to the talented group of people who are bringing our heroes (and villains) to life!


Laughing Hyena Art

Though Gnat-Girl is nearly being ready to be added into the game, that doesn’t mean work on the other characters has ceased! In fact, Laughing Hyena is right on her tail!


Watch for his full animation set in the near future!

Laughing Hyena VO search

Never the one to sit idle, Morgan’s at it again! This time he (and we) are on the hunt for a VO that’s just a tad on the insane side. Someone who reacts to pain with an uncontrollable cackle! If this sounds like you or someone you know, seek help immediately here!


Heroes Never Lose: The Arcade Game

Fellow hero Jason Campsall, A.K.A. Digital Dreams has just made our week by installing HNLPPPP into his Arcade Cabinet!




We love you Jason 🙂

Here are the specs for the tech-curious among you: “The specs: 28 inch lcd, modded xarcade tank stick, RGB LED buttons, decent speakers, covered in real carbon fiber and a beast of a PC.”

Shout Out

Our friends over at Cardboard Utopia have just launched their Kickstarter for a project that is dear to our hearts!


Children of the Zodiarcs is a story-driven, single-player Tactical JRPG that combines traditional strategic gameplay with the thrill of collectible cards and craftable dice! Though they’ve impressively already reached their funding goal, if this is your kind of game consider helping them reach new heights and make their game that much more awesome!

That’s it for now!

Heroes Never Lose

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