Project Update #7

Hello fellow heroes!

We’re back with another update!

Bug Fixes and Beyond!

Franco AKA the Ninja Master Exterminator has been busy squashing more bugs than you can shake a stick at!

  • Online bugs
  • Matchmaking bugs
  • Menu bugs
  • Gameplay bugs
  • All went SQUISH under his ninja boots!

They shall not be missed.

New Features

Achievements were added! 22 of varying types and difficulties! And this is just the beginning! We love achievements and will definitely be adding more with time!

Which characters win and lose most online? Find out by checking out our new Online Stats page in the online menu! As it stands, Gun Nut is the winning-est character with a 58.8% win rate!

Continuing our dedication to making it as easy as possible to find an online match, the new addition of the in-game News Ticker will inform you whenever a player is searching for a match online! Before you ask, yes this feature is easily disabled in the options… but you wouldn’t want to do that, would you?

Twitch Channel!

You heard right! For the last couple of weeks we’ve been streaming ourselves playing Heroes Never Lose with some awesome guests as well as random heroes! Make sure to follow us and try your luck at beating us live:

That’s it for now! Stay tuned as our next update is going to be an exciting one! You’re Gnat gonna want to miss it 😉

Heroes Never Lose

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