Project Update #8

Hello fellow heroes!

We’re back with very exciting news! How would you all like to play a brand new character very soon? How soon? Well, how about RIGHT FLIPPING NOW!

Unlock Gnat-Girl right now!



Why are you still reading this? Open up Steam, launch the game, and get cracking! To unlock Gnat-Girl, you simply have to beat her! I’ll let you figure out how to do that šŸ˜‰

The Humble DRM-free version should be updating within the next couple of days and will include Gnat-Girl then, stay tuned!

New Achievements!

To celebrate our electrifying insectoid heroine’s reveal, we’re adding not one, not two, but 5 new Gnat-themed achievements to the game bringing the grand total to a whopping 27!

  • Gnat born yesterday! Unlock Gnat-Girl!
  • Gnat to be sneezed at! Complete Arcade Mode as Gnat-Girl.
  • Shocking Development! Electrify 100 blocks.
  • Gnat’s best friend. Challenge a friend online!
  • I would Gnat hurt a fly. Answer the age old question, who is the ultimate Gnat?

More To Come!

And that’s not all! On top of the constant bug fixes Franco doles out at blistering speeds, we’re also hard at work on our next character who shouldn’t be too far behind! Stay tuned and keep on breaking those blocks!

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