48 Hours To Go + Character Creation Contest Winners!

Hello fellow heroes! We are in need of your help! Normally Kickstarter campaigns get a boost the last 3 days but yesterday was pretty normal in terms of pledges. We’re now entering the final 48 hours and the speed is not picking up. We’re grateful for all your support so far and are really happy…

Contest Ends Tomorrow!

By 11:00pm EDT tomorrow night we will no longer be accepting submissions to the contest so don’t wait until the last minute! We already have a lot of incredible submissions to choose from and would still love to receive more! Check out the newest submissions below: Slice and Dice by Brandon Morris  

Localization ENABLED!

For all of our fans out there who prefer to break blocks in a language other than English, we bring you a more international-friendly block-breaking experience! That’s right, Professor Puzzler’s Perplexing Ploy will be localized in at leastFrench, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish with the very real possibility of adding a lot more languages! We have no idea what’s…

Firestarter’s Animations burn up the screen!

Hello fellow heroes! I thought that maybe some of you would appreciate seeing Firestarter’s animations up close!! We have the very talented Tyriq Plummer to thank for these beauties. And here they are:

HNLPPPP Coming to Steam and Wii U!

Hello fellow heroes! I know that we just had an update yesterday, but we just got two very exciting pieces of news that we just had to share with you! Don’t read the title of this update because that’ll give it all away and ruin the fun. Trust us, this is worth it!

HNLPPPP in Brazil!

Next up we have some pictures from an Independent Video Game Developer’s meet-up in Brasilia Brazil where our resident character designer Hugo Dourado was showing off HNLPPPP!

Introducing the Perplexing Professor Puzzler!

Today we will reveal the man behind the Perplexing Ploy: Professor Puzzler himself! But who is the man behind the mask? Ah, our art director Philippe Ramsay Gaudreau is keeping that bit of juicy information for himself. I suppose that it’s a puzzle for another time!