Firestarter’s Animations burn up the screen!

Hello fellow heroes! I thought that maybe some of you would appreciate seeing Firestarter’s animations up close!! We have the very talented Tyriq Plummer to thank for these beauties. And here they are:

HNLPPPP in Brazil!

Next up we have some pictures from an Independent Video Game Developer’s meet-up in Brasilia Brazil where our resident character designer Hugo Dourado was showing off HNLPPPP!

Introducing the Perplexing Professor Puzzler!

Today we will reveal the man behind the Perplexing Ploy: Professor Puzzler himself! But who is the man behind the mask? Ah, our art director Philippe Ramsay Gaudreau is keeping that bit of juicy information for himself. I suppose that it’s a puzzle for another time!

Character Creation Contest First Entries!

It’s been a week since the announcement of the contest and we’re already beginning to see some awesome entries! Feast your eyes on the batch of hopeful heroes and villains who want to set up shop in Megalopolis! Brickface

A New Challenger!

Glam, the Pink Avenger is Phil’s own creation! There’s a lot more to her than meets the eye and we’re really hoping to be able to tell her story in our game! To do so we need to reach the 12k stretch goal on our Kickstarter.  

Firestarter Makes a Fiery Entrance!

  Real Name: Farah N. Heit Height: 5’7″ Weight: 130 lbs. Location: Megalopolis Affiliation: Freak Fraternity Farah N. Heit’s stressful HR job at Box-Tech brought her closer to the edge with every pink slip her surly boss demanded she distribute. Her only saving grace was her daily 2:15pm chit-chat at the water cooler with new hire…

The Gnat-Stache!

For all of you wondering where Gnat-Man has been the entire month of Movember:   Courtesy of the very awesome Eric Angelillo of Double Stallion Games!

Shawn Daley draws Heroes!

Check out this awesome image that Shawn Daley made for us! I call it Cold Nuts on a Hot Roof, but I’m pretty sure Shawn wouldn’t approve of that name himself 😉 Click here for a step-by-step summary of the process with pictures!

Brainfreeze makes then breaks the ice!

    Real Name: Kelvin Zero Height: 6’0″ Weight: 190 lbs. Location: Megalopolis Affiliation: Plus-Men Kelvin always knew he was cool. He paid his way through college winning ice cream eating contests when he discovered no amount of the frosty dessert could give him a headache. His bachelor’s degree in Atmology proved useless in the economic…