Project Update # 5

Hello fellow heroes! A lot has happened since last we spoke! First of all, if you missed it, the game launched on Steam early access and had a very high rate of positive reviews! Early Access Trailer Let’s Plays and Streams

Project Update # 3

Hello fellow heroes! It’s that time again, so let’s get to it and show you what we’ve got! Pronto dashes in! Francis has been busy working on Pronto’s animations and boy has it ever paid off! We now have a fully functional 5th character! The stop-watch is placeholder-stolen-from-google-images-please-don’t-sue-us art, and he still doesn’t have a…

Making of: Boxtech Rooftop Stage

Since the Making of: Bank of Megalopolis Stage post was so popular, I thought it would be cool to show you all the awesome work Stephane Boutin did on the Boxtech Rootfop background stage! For this stage, we wanted to show a Megalopolis from a different point of view, so why not a proverbial bird’s…

The Ani-Making of Gnat-Man!

So you’ve seen some of the awesome anims that bring Gnat-Man to life, I thought that maybe you’d all be interested in seeing how he got animated! Thanks to Francis, you can:

Firestarter, my Waifu!

As some of you know, my good friend Dan Kim over at Clone Manga had a successful Kickstarter campaign, which we backed, naturally! In my reward tier was something called a Waifu. I assumed this was some exotic Asian food or a mail order bride (waifu=wife?) that he would send over, turns out it was even…

Hello again!

It’s been a while and we’ve missed you! We’re hard out work putting in the final touches on a public demo! Check out this awesome teaser video by the equally awesome JonZ:    


Welcome to the Heroes Never Lose development blog! There’s still nothing to see or show so far, so consider this more of a notice that something awesome this way comes! And now for a little tease: Check back soon!