Project Update #7

Hello fellow heroes! We’re back with another update! Bug Fixes and Beyond! Franco AKA the Ninja Master Exterminator has been busy squashing more bugs than you can shake a stick at! Online bugs Matchmaking bugs Menu bugs Gameplay bugs All went SQUISH under his ninja boots! They shall not be missed. New Features Achievements were…

Progress Update # 2

Hello fellow heroes! It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on the progress of the project, so no time better than the present to pull back the curtains and give you a sneak peek!   Gun Nut joins the Roster! Thanks to Vincent‘s hard work we now have our 4th fully playable character integrated…

HNLPPPP in Brazil!

Next up we have some pictures from an Independent Video Game Developer’s meet-up in Brasilia Brazil where our resident character designer Hugo Dourado was showing off HNLPPPP!

Gun Nut is on the Prowl!

Our resident Character Designer Hugo Dourado’s take on the entire Milo Manara’s Spider-woman cover controversy! Watch out outlaws and vigilantes, Gun Nut is on the prowl! Please check out Gun Nut and our other heroes and villains in our recently launched Kickstarter:    

T Minus 2 Days!

Gun Nut’s got your number, and that number is 2! Only 2 nutty days left before our Kickstarter campaign!

In the Studio, recording some Voices!

Greeting Heroes! Last Wednesday I was at Seratone Studios with Alexandra Pilon and Ian Snyder recording some voices for Heroes Never Lose: Professor Puzzler’s Perplexing Ploy! Look at those smiles! I guess I didn’t annoy them too much with my directing.

Shawn Daley draws Heroes!

Check out this awesome image that Shawn Daley made for us! I call it Cold Nuts on a Hot Roof, but I’m pretty sure Shawn wouldn’t approve of that name himself 😉 Click here for a step-by-step summary of the process with pictures!

Pixelart Pinup Coming Your Way!

Hello fellow heroes! Check out Kyle Olson’s Heroes Never Lose pixelart pin-up!   You can see more of Kyle’s work on his Deviant art page. Thanks again Kyle, and keep it 8-bit.