Project Update #4

Hello fellow heroes! It’s been quite a while, and we’ve missed you! So, how about a peek behind the curtains? Professor Puzzler Punches In! That’s the perpetrator of the ploy in the flesh! Voiced by proficient Dakota Brown! Follow him on twitter @WriterDakotaBro. And where does the Professor operate from?

Project Update # 3

Hello fellow heroes! It’s that time again, so let’s get to it and show you what we’ve got! Pronto dashes in! Francis has been busy working on Pronto’s animations and boy has it ever paid off! We now have a fully functional 5th character! The stop-watch is placeholder-stolen-from-google-images-please-don’t-sue-us art, and he still doesn’t have a…


Oh no! What have you all done? Why didn’t you stop and consider the consequences? You have all unleashed Professor Puzzler to an unprepared world! Thank you all for Kickstarting HNLPPPP and for providing so much support for our team in so many different ways! It’s been a fun ride and we honestly couldn’t be…

HNLPPPP in Brazil!

Next up we have some pictures from an Independent Video Game Developer’s meet-up in Brasilia Brazil where our resident character designer Hugo Dourado was showing off HNLPPPP!

A New Challenger!

Glam, the Pink Avenger is Phil’s own creation! There’s a lot more to her than meets the eye and we’re really hoping to be able to tell her story in our game! To do so we need to reach the 12k stretch goal on our Kickstarter.  

Montreal Comiccon 2014 Picture Gallery!

Montreal Comiccon was a great experience! Hundreds of people got to try Professor Puzzler’s Perplexing Ploy! We believe that our presence at Comiccon helped us reach our Kickstarter goal! Watch out, lots of pics incoming!

IT’S OVER 9000! 100% FUNDED!

WE DID IT! And it’s all thanks to you! Every one of you is a true Hero! We couldn’t have done it without you! Professor Puzzler’s will Pull off his Perplexing Ploy and we’ll Produce this Product for your Playing Pleasure! The entire Heroes Never Lose team is thrilled and we can’t thank you enough!…

Hello fellow heroes! Day 3 is coming to an end and we’ve hit a major milestone: 100 backers! Thanks to you, we’re in the triple digits! Contest We have lots of exciting things to announce today! Firstly, the Character Creation Contest! Love our characters but think you can do better? We accept that challenge! Send…

We’re Going to the Montreal Comicon!

Hello fellow heroes! So day 2 is nearing it’s Eastern Standard Time end and we’re steadily approaching our goal! And it’s all thanks to your continued support! We’re now at 76% of our goal, incredible for a second day! Now we have a special surprise for our local supporters, we’re going to be at the┬áMontreal…