Project Update #4

Hello fellow heroes! It’s been quite a while, and we’ve missed you! So, how about a peek behind the curtains? Professor Puzzler Punches In! That’s the perpetrator of the ploy in the flesh! Voiced by proficient Dakota Brown! Follow him on twitter @WriterDakotaBro. And where does the Professor operate from?


Oh no! What have you all done? Why didn’t you stop and consider the consequences? You have all unleashed Professor Puzzler to an unprepared world! Thank you all for Kickstarting HNLPPPP and for providing so much support for our team in so many different ways! It’s been a fun ride and we honestly couldn’t be…

Introducing the Perplexing Professor Puzzler!

Today we will reveal the man behind the Perplexing Ploy: Professor Puzzler himself! But who is the man behind the mask? Ah, our art director Philippe Ramsay GaudreauĀ is keeping that bit of juicy information for himself. I suppose that it’s a puzzle for another time!