Project Update #8

Hello fellow heroes! We’re back with very exciting news! How would you all like to play a brand new character very soon? How soon? Well, how about RIGHT FLIPPING NOW! Unlock Gnat-Girl right now!   Why are you still reading this? Open up Steam, launch the game, and get cracking! To unlock Gnat-Girl, you simply…

Project Update # 5

Hello fellow heroes! A lot has happened since last we spoke! First of all, if you missed it, the game launched on┬áSteam early access and had a very high rate of positive reviews! Early Access Trailer Let’s Plays and Streams

Project Update #4

Hello fellow heroes! It’s been quite a while, and we’ve missed you! So, how about a peek behind the curtains? Professor Puzzler Punches In! That’s the perpetrator of the ploy in the flesh! Voiced by proficient Dakota Brown! Follow him on twitter @WriterDakotaBro. And where does the Professor operate from?

Project Update # 3

Hello fellow heroes! It’s that time again, so let’s get to it and show you what we’ve got! Pronto dashes in! Francis has been busy working on Pronto’s animations and boy has it ever paid off! We now have a fully functional 5th character! The stop-watch is placeholder-stolen-from-google-images-please-don’t-sue-us art, and he still doesn’t have a…

Progress Update # 2

Hello fellow heroes! It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on the progress of the project, so no time better than the present to pull back the curtains and give you a sneak peek!   Gun Nut joins the Roster! Thanks to Vincent‘s hard work we now have our 4th fully playable character integrated…

HNLPPPP Coming to Steam and Wii U!

Hello fellow heroes! I know that we just had an update yesterday, but we just got two very exciting pieces of news that we just had to share with you! Don’t read the title of this update because that’ll give it all away and ruin the fun. Trust us, this is worth it!