Bombshell Game Review and Gameplay

What you think that will happen, if you mix an old fashioned 3d action and hack & amp; slash RPG game. Yeah, that is what will happen. Hello everyone, I glad to possess you here on my channel. In today’s blog, we getting to take a glance closer at “Bombshell”, which was developed by “Interceptor Entertainment” and released by “3D Realms” in 2016 on “PC”.

So “Bombshell” is an isometric perspective action game, with RPG elements in it. And once I said words just like the classic and old fashioned I actually meant it because once I played this game for the primary time, it really jogged my memory of classic games from “Sega Genesis” and “Playstation one” era. But well… that’s probably what game developers were aiming for in first place. What’s interesting about this game, that’s original as I read, before “Bombshell” became what it’s today, the sport was developed as “Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction”. Yeah, check this out, I found one original screenshot of how it seemed like during the event stage, and that is as you’ll see, how it actually looks in-game. In-game we play as Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison, a former bomb disposal expert for the “Global Defense Force”, who became a mercenary, after an event during which she lost her right arm happen. the sport starts, when an alien race referred to as “The Kyrr”, under the guidance of evil mastermind Dr. Jadus Heskel, attacks the White House and kidnaps The President, and now it’s up to Shelly to save lots of her. On the action side, the sport as I said is extremely like classic isometric action platformer games, we will run and shoot altogether directions, some platform element with precise jumps are present during this game also, which it might be better, but it’s actually not as bad because it seems.

Bombshell gives you the fleshy environments in game mode

Yeah if something bad happens, there’s always the choice to respawn immediately, which is good, since if you get killed by enemies, you’ll respawn right at the place where that horrible accident happens. Or if you fall, then you’ll respawn at the closest checkpoint, but whole game progress is going to be saved, in order that way you do not need to kill all enemies everywhere again. Shooting itself in “Bombshell” seems like it’s some “First Person Shooter” roots in it, and it definitely is. And why it seems that way? Well because especially at later parts of the sport, you’ll always need to switch between weapons consistent with the sort of enemies and situation, which is I found very cool. In-game we have an excellent sort of weapons, which may be upgraded, like this “Ion Maiden”, which is that the very first weapon in-game, in the beginning, it shots limited amount of projectiles, which didn’t that prime damage but later you’ll have the choice to unlock secondary fire mode, and switch your regular gun into a “Railgun”, which is, by the way, I strongly recommend you to try to also, since it makes this weapon nearly best in-game.

And as long as you’ve got a correct level and a few cash, it’s possible to upgrade every weapon a bit like that. On the RPG side, “Bombshell” jogged my memory of dungeon explorer sort of Role-Playing games, in fact not as hardcore as “Diablo” or “Baldur’s Gate”, but some leveling system and dungeon exploration, are present during this game also. By killing enemies a bit like in regular RPG sort of games, we earn some cash, which may be spent to upgrade weapons and buy some ammo, and knowledge points that may be spent to upgrade some character characteristics. Dungeons’ exploration in “Bombshell” wiped out absolutely the best traditions of RPG games. Here we’ve many areas to explore, huge locations, long corridors, that are crammed with various sorts of deadly enemies and stuff like that. Time to time during our journeys, we may undertake a various “subquests”, which may be as simple as delivery tasks, or monster hunting, or it’s going to be even huge “sidequest chain”, which can shed even more light on the events that happening during this particular dungeon and within the game as an entire. Yeah, “Dungeons” or as we may call ’em locations in “Bombshell”, someone may call ’em just about generic, because here we’ve sort of a full standard set, fire dungeons, ice dungeons, mines, temples, shrines and stuff like that, yeah. But within the way that I see it, it’s an absolute classic, because “Fire” and “Ice” dungeons cliche, we may even see in just about every game nowadays, but a minimum of in “Bombshell” they’re really interesting to explore, especially if you mix this exploration, with an intense hardcore shooter sections against hordes of monsters, with a “Heavy Metal” music within the background.

Yeah, incredible soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult in “Bombshell”, are often an equivalent time very atmospheric, also as brutal, when it must be. So who could also be curious about playing games like this nowadays? I personally found about this game not that way back, because another game has been recently released. Yeah, now I’m talking about “Ion Fury”, which is really a prequel to the present game. And “Ion Fury” was a completely different game, it plays as “First Person Shooter”, and just in case, I already did a video about this one also, so you would possibly check this out, the link is going to be within the description. So, after I attempted “Ion Fury”, I simply wanted some more classic action, and well… despite the sport being in slightly another genre, but still with intense shooter element in it, as on behalf of me, “Bombshell” delivered it quite enough. And so, now back to the question. Who could also be curious about games like this nowadays? So, if you wish old fashioned shooters, especially isometric or overhead ones, you wish some exploration and story, that’s very easy to catch up, but without being interrupted by cutscenes all the time, or just if you’re for now tired from all those fancy “AAA” titles.

Boss Battles through PvP mode in Bombshell Gameplay

Then Yeah! “Bombshell” is that the game, that for the subsequent 10 hours, will bring you back to days of old fashioned classic hardcore action, where you shot first and ask questions later, of course, if someone was still alive to answer them. But ok, yep, that was it, that was my “Bombshell” small review and gameplay footage. Yeah, unfortunately not everyday games like this are being released, but this one I say is completely worth trying out. But okay, yeah, that was it for today, Thank You, everyone, who did watch this blog, especially till to the top, if you wish the content like that, many thanks for your love and support, if you’ve got some interesting game on behalf of me to see out, then be happy to say it in comments, and as soon as possible, I will be able to gladly check this out. But okay, yeah, that was it for today, many thanks and See You Next Time!

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