Cyber Hunter Game – Review and Gameplay For PC, Android and iOS

Hello everyone, i’m glad to possess you here on my blog. So in today’s blog we’re getting to take a glance closer at “Cyber Hunter”, which may be a new free-to-play Battle Royale game by Chinese developers “NetEase Games”. And yeah, i said it’s new, well… sort of, because originally game was launched in 2019 on mobile phones, and only recently it had been officially released also on PC via “Steam”. So what’s so interesting about “Cyber Hunter”, and the way it differs from many other games in similar genre, we are getting to find out during this video. But before that, if you up for a few more interesting gaming content in future, then be happy to smash that subscribe button, and that we shall continue.

So very first thing that i found interesting about “Cyber Hunter”, is that yeah, there are a lots and much of Battle Royale games out there, as on mobile, also as on PC, and i am honestly initially was very sceptical about this one, since how mobile game can even compete with such huge Battle Royale PC games like “PUBG” or “Fortnite”, yeah, and people games just just in case have it’s mobile versions also. and that is how. first those games that i discussed , are very different games for PC and mobile. Like PC version of “PUBG” plays, and feels very differently from it’s mobile counterpart, and same goes for “Fortnite”. While “Cyber Hunter” on mobile and on PC are absolutely same games, with only exception of controls, about which we’re getting to mention a touch later. So yeah, check this out. this is often mobile version. And this is often PC one.

You can be more aggressive in Cyber Hunter Gameplay

And yeah, aren’t getting discouraged by my mobile footage, since i took it on my old Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 model, and surprisingly game works even thereon one. But what i attempted to point out you here, that’s this game, unlike most of other mobile Battle Royale games, looks absolutely fantastic on both platforms, and perhaps if not as great as already mentioned “Fortnite”, and i am talking about PC version of game immediately , but really not that faraway from it. Few more things that i would like to say about graphics, that’s yeah, on Mobile you’ll enhance graphics far more , by choosing higher graphics presets, if your phone can handle it in fact . And as for PC version, well… that’s HD preset, but once more , not maxed out for sake of high FPS. But okay, graphics in game i feel we already found out , and now let’s proceed to very first important game feature, character creation. Yeah, very very first thing that you are going to try to to upon very first login, is create your character.

Since at moment of record of this video, game is already at season 8, currently 3 character models are available, which are fully customisation. Yeah, character creation system seems like more how it’s in MMORPG games, and yeah, here i would like to say this, that i understand that for a few players in Battle Royale games, it’s maybe not that important how your character seems like , but still, i found it absolutely great, that i can give my character some personality. And yeah, not one, but you’ll create and customise all 3 of them, and use them on same account, since it doesn’t affect your overall in game progress in the least . But here i would like to warn you, that switching between servers will. And also unfortunately i didn’t found any choice to link “Steam” and Mobile accounts, in order that they could share same progress, which is unfortunate, since yeah, game is free-to-play, but in game you’ll unlock some cosmetic stuff, also as buy if you would like to. So if anyone knows the way to link accounts, please be happy to say that in comments. So after we created character, if you play on mobile, you’ll be offered to play training mode so as to urge wont to game controls, and if on PC, you’ll get immediately to the lobby.

And speaking of which, if you get wont to play Battle Royale games, you’ll be conversant in this one in no time. during this one we will customise character looks, claim free rewards, buy cosmetic stuff, and yeah, a minimum of there’s no pay to win in the least . And in next menu we will choose from game modes. Main game mode in “Cyber Hunter”, as altogether similar games of that type, is Battle Royale, which you’ll play or solo, or with team. Aside of that, there are other game modes are exist, which can be unlocked after you reach level 5. And for this modes, it’s possible to customize your character load out, a bit like in “Call of Duty: Mobile”. And yeah, why i mentioned “Call of Duty: Mobile”, that’s because person Perspective was recently added to the sport . So at moment it’s possible to play only custom modes in person perspective, but i hope later it’ll be added to Battle Royale also. very first thing that got my attention to the present game, is game controls. And yeah now i’m speaking about PC version of game, because with mobile it’s all understandable, and if you bought wont to playing mobile Battle Royale games, you’ll be conversant in controls during this one immediately also. So very first thing that i liked, was auto pickup system, which is extremely common thing for mobile games today, due to limited controls. But speaking of recent Battle Royale games that are currently trending on PC, just one game involves mind with similar item devour system, and i am talking about “Call of Duty: War zone”. In “Cyber Hunter” there are various armour sets that you simply can find, while rotating throughout the zone. But here’s the thing. Armour that you simply can find during this game, have various grades, like regular armour, rare armour, and even epic one. So as soon as you found one, you nevermore need to worry about it through entire match.

Cyber Hunter Tips : Weekly challenges are as important as ever though

Only thing that you simply need to worry about, is about finding a far better one. Armour in “Cyber Hunter” adds to your overall protection, and may not be destroyed in the least , which is completely insane. which is one among reasons, that battles against real players at final circle, can get very intense, because everyone who survived that long, may have already great weapon, great armour, and great drone setup. And yeah, i forgot to say , that so as to create or create things like walls yeah, and healing stations, or bikes, you’ve got to line it up while in lobby, otherwise you can roll in the hay prior match. So only 3 building options are available at time. And counting on match, if you play solo, or twiddling with friends, you’ve got to line your drone building setup accordingly. After i acknowledged about “Cyber Hunter”, while was searching something new and straightforward to catch up, and most significantly not so demanding for my PC, since “Call of Duty: War zone” is already a touch tough for my old machine, i found myself playing “Cyber Hunter” more and more, and even began to keeping my eye on streamers of this game, because who knows, if it’ll get’s big… But okay, yeah. That was it for today, that was my “Cyber Hunter” review and game play. many thanks everyone who did watch this until very end.

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