Project Warlock Review – PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4

Hello everyone, in today’s blog we getting to take a glance closer at “Project Warlock” which may be a Retro style person shooter game, inspired by absolute legends of FPS genre, like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Heretic and even Serious Sam. yeah, speaking of which, just take a glance at it… Yeah, for the foremost part, everything that you simply only could expect from 90’s classic FPS titles, you’ll find during this game also, many enemies, many secrets, level exploration, constant checking out cards, and in fact epic boss battles at end of every chapter, so prepare to urge psyched.

Story during this game, a bit like in most classic FPS games are present, except for the foremost part only as text in between chapters. We play as mysterious Warlock, who travels through time and space, with just one mission to eradicate all evil. So a bit like in good old days, shoot first, think later, and let your imagination run wild. Since we play as Warlock, aside of fast paced hardcore shooting, we will also use spells. At start just one spell are available, which is “Magic Light”, a really important spell by the way, that you simply getting to use through entire game tons . But we’ll mention it a touch later. So as we progress through game, we will find various spell books on levels, also as after defeating certain bosses. And spells i found as a really interesting addition to the sport . because if at start “Project Warlock” plays more like already mentioned “Wolfenstein 3D” and “Doom”, since all you’ve got is your guns and your melee weapons, at second a part of game, you already will need to combine various spells, as offensive, also as defensive, because otherwise enemies can overwhelm you in just a matter of seconds.

Project Warlock – Wizard’s First Doom

Aside of that, in “Project Warlock” some kind of an RPG character upgrade system are exist. So by killing enemies and collecting various items like cash, diamonds or gold, player will earn experience points and eventually will level up. And after each level up, in between levels, while in hideout, it’s possible to boost various Warlock’s attributes like strength, life meter, ammo capacity, and stuff like that. Aside of that, time to time player will earn character trait points, which may be spent to unlock specific character traits, and which can allow you to pickup even additional cash , more ammo, more health, or get additional character point at each level up. So by choosing traits wisely, you’ll turn your Warlock into an absolute killing machine. But there’s far more . once more , while exploring levels and after boss battles, you’ll collect special “Stars”, which may be spent on buying new magic spells, and yeah, it isn’t enough to only find them, but after you discover spell book, you continue to have need to buy corresponding spell. And same stars are often spent to upgrade your weapons. Yeah! Not only that there are many weapons during this game, but we will also upgrade them, and a few of weapons are often became absolutely another ones, so there are a many variations that you simply can play with. So okay, game play a part of “Project Warlock” we already found out , since game are inspired by legendary classics of FPS genre, and for the foremost part plays as them. Now i would like to speak about elements of game that i actually liked, and about elements, that well… i maybe liked, but not that much, since there basically not that a lot of things to truly dislike during this game, which is sweet . So first element that i liked most, is in fact action, especially at second a part of game, where you’ve got to mix very hardcore fast paced shooting with spells, as i discussed offensive and defensive, so that’s where “Project Warlock” are truly starts to shine. and mix it with overall classic “Sprite” texture violence, that’s what this game is all about. Fun and gun.

Second thing that i liked, is in fact sound work. Music that plays during this game are absolutely fantastic, and aside of that, every level additionally to completely unique design, have it’s own unique music, which is completely insane. and that i want to say that immediately , that original soundtrack for this game, you’ll get free as addition to the sport itself, which is awesome. But speaking of sound, i’m talking about not only music, but sounds that you simply hear in game generally . Yeah, sound of shell falling on ground feels very satisfying, and there are lot’s of small moments like that, like monster whispers, character mumbing, and only sound that perhaps pissed me off, is sound of chain gun, which you’ll use fairly often , and which may be a bit too loud and a touch too sharp, well… a minimum of for my ears. Next is difficulty levels. And in “Project Warlock” we’ve 3 of them, which is “Casual”, “Standart” and “Hardcore”. great point , that difficulty levels suit absolutely all types of players. Difference between “Casual” and “Standart”, is merely on “Casual” you’ve got unlimited continues, while on “Standart” you’ve got 3 lives at start, a bit like in “Wolfenstein 3D”. So soon as you lose all of them, you’ll start whole chapter a replacement , while on “Casual” you’ll replay same level again and again. then aside of lives, monster damage and behavior will remain absolutely identical, so those 2 difficulties are great. But “Hardcore” difficulty a minimum of on behalf of me , makes absolutely no sense in the least . Because you’ve got just one live, faster monsters, you’ll receive double damage, and every one progress are lost upon death. And why this one makes no sense, well because even on “Casual” or “Standart” difficulty, time to time, rock bottom death may and can happen. Eventually after just one minor mistake, you’ll get, as i said before overwhelmed by enemies, otherwise you simply will fall to death, yeah, like in lava. Or boss may simply round you, which is completely possible, even on “Casual” and “Standart” difficulty. Especially very first boss of game, which shots some kind of a “Railgun”. And if you somehow survived that “Railgun” shot, he will summon enemies then will do aerial attack. So yeah, try survive this one on “Hardcore”. And fun thing, that next 3 bosses, right until final one, is far easier than very first boss, which is strange, because usually we’ve some kind of difficulty progression ladder in games, but only not during this one by some reason.

Project Warlock is an admirable shotgun blast from the past, but it doesn’t really have an identity of its own.

And last but not least important thing, that i would like to speak about, is in fact game pixel art graphics. Yeah some players will love it , others will probably not, but graphically wise game looks because it is on screen. There are various options and filters to offer it even more retro look, than it already is, but i made a decision to stay with original one for this video. And here i would like to mention that, i personally prefer graphics of classic FPS games, like how it had been in “Wolfenstein 3D” and “Doom”. and particularly graphics of FPS games that were made on “Build” engine, like “Duke Nukem 3D”, “Shadow Warrior”, or 2019 “Ion Fury”, and that i tell you they were less pix elated than this one. But well… in “Project Warlock” we’ve , what we’ve … Aside of that, another problem that I even have with graphics during this one, it’s that nearly good half game, you’ll need to literally enter darkness. and that i understand that game have great light effects to point out off, but still i found it very frustrating to constantly switch between “Magic Light” spell and regular weapons. And yeah remember that i said, “Magic Light” spell one among most vital spells of this game, Well… you better get wont to switch back thereto spell, like every few seconds approximately . Well a minimum of i discovered one interesting trick, that “Warlock Staff”, which is extremely first weapon that you simply will find in game, when it’s fully charged, it’ll light whole area a bit like “Magic Light” spell, so as soon as you’ll see any enemy, you’ll just let it go, and fully charged Staff will penetrate all enemies a bit like a “Railgun”, which is great. But yeah, aside of graphics, which i feel is merely matter of preference, “Project Warlock” may be a great old fashioned person shooter game, so if you wanted to play something classic, but you already beat “Doom”, “Quake”, and “Duke Nukem 3D” already dozens of times, then i definitely recommend you to undertake out this game. But OK, that was it for today, many thanks everyone who did watch this blog, especially till to the top .

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