SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated Review

I still have fond memories of Sponge bob Square pants when it first premiered on Nickelodeon. it had been a cartoon that I enjoyed with my dad,and I was just starting highschool at the time. But maybe that’s why I never bothered with Battle for Bikini Bottom. Licensed games were still hit or miss at the time, and that i figured Sponge bob would be a miss. And yet, of these years later, it’s considered platforming classic. So with the discharge of a remastered version within the sort of Re hydrated, i used to be excited to ascertain what it had been that made it so beloved. Could this remake even maintain an equivalent magic of the original? For those unaware, the story of Battle for Bikini Bottom focuses on Plankton’s latest scheme to steal the Krabby Patty formula,a duplicator which will clone endless hordes of robots. Unfortunately, he forgot to line them to obey,and they’ve now run amok all across Bikini Bottom.

However, the night before, Sponge bob and Patrick wished for robots to play with and believe that this is often all their fault. in order that they began across 9 levels to defeat the robots while collecting golden Spatulas that are required to unlock the way forward. This isn’t a deep plot, even compared to a traditional Sponge bob episode, but it does function how for familiar characters and locations to crop up along side the series’ staple humour. And it still holds up. While none of the jokes made me laugh aloud , quite few did make me chuckle. It really does capture the spirit of the show. But this is often a 3D platformed through and thru and every one the tropes you’d expect are here and accounted for. Sponge bob features a double jump, a spin attack together with his bubble blower, a downward stomp, and an upward thrust. He’s also ready to sneak and eventually unlocks special abilities that use his bubble blowing skills. However, at certain points, it’s possible to vary characters to either Patrick or Sandy who each have their unique set of skills.


Patrick’s ready to throw objects and stunned enemies while Sandy can use her lasso to cross gaps. Sponge bob’s more versatile, but the opposite two are an excellent thanks to change up the sport play for a touch while whether it’s with Patrick’s puzzle focus or Sandy’s advanced platforming. These are ideas that employment and switching between them helps create more thoughtful puzzles within the later levels. But here’s the thing, Rehydrated doesn’t make it fun, and it began as soon as I learned what the jump button was on the Nintendo Switch,A. Meanwhile, attacking is handled with Y which is during a ll|one amongst|one in every of”> one among the stupidest button layouts I’ve ever encountered in a game. It’s only this manner on the Switch. We checked the PS4 version where it had been Xto jump and Square to attack which is normal. except for some reason, this was changed on Switch with B serving because the aerial stomp and X because the upwards attack. It threw me off numerous times and there is no choice to switch it within the sport . the sole thing I could do is change the button sat the system level on the Switch which shouldn’t even be necessary. And unfortunately, it just gets worse from there. The controls feel so loose and imprecise sometimes making a number of the more harrowing jumps much worse. There are tons of small platforms, and it became a nightmare once I reached the extent , Sponge bob’s Dream. I could barely start because it was very easy to slide off into the abyss.

And this was even worse when it came to the sliding sections. These diversions should be tons of fun. It’s an excellent callback to the show and changes up the platforming briefly bursts. But as time went on, the tracks got thinner and therefore the loose controls made it very easy to slide off. There won’t be any lives, but death sucks as there’s always another 5 second loading screen afterwards, and it’s very easy to die. I cursed with it, got past each platforming challenge, but it wore me down. I hate that I feel this manner as there are tons of excellent ideas on display, especially early . Each level has several challenges to finish so as to earn Golden Spatulas. These are wont to unlock new levels making for a classic collect-a-thon platformed. additionally to the Spatulas, there are lost Patrick socks to seek out and glossy Things to gather . The socks are exchanged for more Spatulas while the Shiny Things are spent to open up new places during a level or exchange them to Mr. Krabs for more Spatulas. It creates a focused experience as everything results in an equivalent reward. i actually did enjoy the primary third of the sport . But once I reached the more advanced challenges,the cracks began to point out . the extent design is infuriating at point sand seems like it’s actively fighting against me. Seesaw platforms hobbled my jumps, bounce pads sometimes did not work, there’s massive set back from any hit making falling into a pit all the better , and therefore the game just doesn’t feel enjoyable to regulate . The one highlight I consistently had throughout Rehydrated were the boss battles. They’re not especially difficult, but they used the skills I had up until that time . It made me think at points and therefore the final boss encapsulated that well. And again, that’s what kills me. I can see the great points peeking through.

SpongeBob SquarePants – A Great Game?

But it’s not enough, especially when watching the sport during a technical sense. While the design of Rehydrated is bright, colourful,and mostly captures the spirit of the show, it also doesn’t run alright . It’s apparent from the primary moment in Jellyfish Fields where, during a pan over, the sport is simply barely making the grass appear in time. Draw distance is additionally a problem in a number of the larger levels, and there’s a weird fog to Sandy Mountain that creates the sliding even harder . There’s also frame stuttering sometimes making the sport as an entire feel inferiority , not helped by the very fact that certain areas seem to glitch once in a while . Sometimes platforms don’t move once they should or don’t spawn in the least as I feel happened to me in Squid ward’s Dream. a minimum of most of the actors return for his or her roles though it’s still an equivalent audio from the first game. meaning Mr. Krabs doesn’t sound correct in the least , and it’s not an honest replacement. The audio quality hasn’t been cleaned up either making it desire a straight rip. Be prepared for an equivalent action lines overland once again throughout your playtime. they’re going to get old. And sometimes the sound effects are slightly faraway from once they should have happened. The music is ok and seems like it fits with Sponge bob, but I also can’t remember one tune. It’s just kinda there and makes the whole game feel utterly lifeless. the sole new content in Rehydrated may be a multiplayer mode. Here, you and a lover team against a series of robots spawned by a Robo Squidward. it’s completely dead as combat is more of a way to an end instead of anything that engaging. Really, the simplest a part of it are the new characters including Gary, Squid ward, Mr. Krabs, and Robo Plankton. It works as a curiosity, but I don’t see many of us being engaged for that long unless young siblings want to play together. But I couldn’t even stand playing for quite 10 minutes. I wanted to love this. i really like platforms. i really like Sponge bob. And in any case the stories of how good the first was, i used to be legitimately excited to ascertain what I missed. But so little of Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated lands on behalf of me . It doesn’t look good. It doesn’t play well within the more intensive levels. and that i just found myself more frustrated than anything . I can feel the great during this game when it fire son all cylinders, but that’s a tragic rarity. I ended up disliking the sport . I even have no idea how it compares to the first ,but maybe it’d be better to play that version again.

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