The Last of Us Part II – Gameplay Review

Hello gamers! I have been waiting for this game since watching the teaser in late 2017 when I reacted to it. I was ready to play it since that time and finally I got to play it. As the years went by, this game was becoming even MORE awaited by fans of the first game that was released on the PS3 seven years ago. Of course, a lot of people would throw a lot of crap at this game without even playing it. Like I said, I am going to review this game with my own words. I decided not to watch reviews from the mainstream media nor the Brokenhearted crowd. So with all this said and done, this is the review of The Last of Us Part II Story. Five years have passed since the events of The Last of Us. Also, it has been 25 years since the Cordyceps infection outbreak. Joel and Ellie live peaceful lives in the town of Jackson, Wyoming. However, the towns residents live in fear of the Infected and hostile humans as well. When tragedy strikes, Ellie walks down a pathos revenge and a desire to get justice. But this path can lead to physical and emotional trauma due to the consequences of her actions as she tracks down those responsible. Concept In this game you at first take control of Ellie and at times Joel. As Ellie, you must travel through all of Seattle and track down those responsible for the tragedy that has occurred.

Earlier Flashbacks in The Last Of US Part I

Flashbacks also show the bond between Ellie and Joel how they are close, but that bond shatters when sad truths are discovered. Another character you play as is Abby Anderson,a member of the militant survivor group called the Washington Liberation Front. During her part of the story you learn much of her tragic past and also the choices that can lead to severe consequences and put her loyalties to the test. At many points in the game, Abby and Ellie will encounter infected and hostile human enemies such as the WLF and the cult known as the Seraphic. The game play is pretty much the same as the first in terms of melee weapons, firearms and explosives. Which of course can be upgraded once you have enough tools to do so. Like in the previous title, melee weapon sand ammo are scattered in different areas. However, there are new features such as jumping,dodging attacks, going prone for stealth combat.

Another new addition is the ability to pickup glass bottles and/or bricks, and throw them, while running. Enemy AI has been improved as they can get smarter too. Some of the enemies in the game have dogs that can track you down through scent. The success of the first Last of Us game left fans wanting for some more. On the same year the first game was released,there were early concept arts for this one. Naughty Dog began development in 2014, soon after the release of The Last of Us: Remastered Version. After the success of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy,development on this game began.

The Last of Us Part II Definitely Needs To Be Played

The team experimented with different plot structures and considered scrapping the game entirely until they settled on an idea that mirrored the first game. He wanted the player to feel a “thirst for revenge” before making them realise the reality of their actions. Artists at Naughty Dog travelled to Seattle to analyse the architecture, vegetation, materials, topography, lighting, and capture photo realistic textures. The Last of Us Part II was banned in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates due to homosexuality. This is due to their conservative and religious traditions since in those countries, homosexuality is still very much frowned upon and you don’t want to know the rest. THE GOOD praise the stellar performances of Ashley Johnson and Laura Bailey. Both of these actresses did a fantastic job in portraying their characters.

To be honest, I really don’t give a damn what they say about Laura, she’s amazing. Graphics were very well done and so were the visuals. When it comes the the music, Argentinean musician Gustavo Santaolalla (Broke back Mountain) knocks it out of the park once again as he did with the first game. I liked how they sang songs such as Take on Me, it takes me back to great times. It was actually fun playing the guitar mini-games. I loved the new game play elements which made it quite easier to hide from hostile humans and infected as well. Additions such as explosive arrows and treating arrow injuries were pretty good. Ellie’s character development was like totally intense. Because when certain truths come out into the light, they can be very hurtful. As for Abby, you might empathise with her when you see her story. My beef with this game is that they could’ve done a bit better with the story. Why? Because the story felt pretty dull and boring at times and Abby’s was a little bit too long. But in some way it was OK so we could know her a bit better. Still, what felt pretty dull about it is that it focused a bit more on combat and didn’t have that much balance. Another one of my rantings is the dogs, those guys were annoying. As for the infected, I STILL hate the clickers AND the stalkers. From the very pit of my stomach, I just can’t stand them. In my honest opinion, one of the characters whose name I shall not mention, deserved better than the fate given. Overall And finally in conclusion, I gotta say that this game is pretty good. It has it’s bad aspects, but it also has it’s good aspects. not as successful as the first game, but Still liked it.

Awesome Graphics and Visuals, Neat Storyline

Graphics and visuals were phenomenal, I also liked how some of the characters were modelled after their voice actors and the music was beautiful too. Now, if you’re throwing a lot of crap at this game without having played it yet, then you need to at least give it a try before judging. And if you’re pissed off that the main protagonists a lesbian and if you’re pissed off about the inclusion of LGBT characters, then you shouldn’t be playing it if you’re being so biased, prejudiced and judgemental. Because look, I believe that gays, lesbians,bis and trans people deserve a shot at being protagonists in a movie, video game, TV show and comic book. We got tons of LGBT protagonists like Alan Scott in Earth 2 of The New 52 story lines. But still, I liked the game and like I said,I use my own words and not the words of the mainstream media, nor the Get Woke Go Broke people. My final score for The Last of Us Part II is an 8.5 out of 10. That’s all gamers. Have a good one. Peace!

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